St Louis Product & Corporate Photography

Corporate Advertising Photographer
Our corporate photographer works with advertising agencies, in-house corporate marketing & advertising departments and manufacturers, as well as design firms. Whether your project requires product shots, portraits, event photography or any other specialty, our team of professionals is here to make sure your company gets the quality images you need.

Corporate photography requires a different approach than traditional commercial photography. We plan each project based on the needs of our clients. With corporate photography, our goal is always to highlight your employees and showcase your company’s unique culture – with an understanding of the time-sensitive needs of the corporate world. Our corporate photographer provides the following:

Annual reports
Executive portraits
Corporate events
Board meetings
Team building
Charity events
Awards banquets
Magazine features
And much, much more

St Louis Product and Corporate Photography studio.

Local St Louis Corporate Photographer
We provide on-location photo shoots throughout the St Louis region for all types of corporate photography, and our team will take care of every aspect of the project from start to finish. Whether a large-scale or small-scale shoot, we can provide all services that might be needed. That includes aspects like location and talent scouting to set design and construction, wardrobe, hair and makeup, prop styling, photo assistants, crafts services and retouches. You’ll have the enjoyable experience of working with just one team to complete the entire project – no need to bounce between photographers – and all of our staff are based right here in St Louis.

Our corporate photography services are ideal for both in-house corporate advertising departments as well as companies that don’t have the resources to build their own studio and staff their own photographers.

Mike Haller
4501 Mattis Road 63128
St Louis Photographer
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Photography services

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