Green Screen

While a green screen (or chroma key) is created in post-production by cutting out the color green (or whatever color it is—blue screens and other colors are also sometimes used), the visual effects are created by filming subjects or actors against a large, literal green screen and then replacing the green with photographic or video material. The color green (or whatever color the screen is—blue screens and other colors are also occasionally used) is removed in post-production. The editor can thus add whatever they want to the background. You can add amazing special effects, floating objects, and much more. Although green screens are frequently considered a Hollywood technology, even independent filmmakers can create them as DIYs at home, as our studio makes it incredibly simple.

St Louis Photography Studio – Green Screen Cyclorama Wall

Our photography studio is fully equipped and capable of shooting stills and video. Studio rental is also available, Call us 314.892.1233

Working with a green screen is a difficult task, and planning and visualizing the final scene is critical. You can use concept art and storyboards to assist you with this process. However, the most crucial thing is determining what’s real and what isn’t in your scene. To do this, you must determine what will be physically present on the set and what will be added later in postproduction. If your scene is particularly complex, you should be sure to establish a clear guide to everything. To achieve this, you may need to have real props on the set that the actors can reference. Behind-the-scenes shots often feature tennis balls hanging from the green screen set. These provide the actors with visual references. Lighting is also critical. It is critical to consider how you will light your character to match the lighting of the environment they will be placed in. This will make a big difference in the final chroma key composite and in layering everything together.

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