Product Photography

We enjoy the loyalty of a number of local photographers who utilize the professional studio production services of our st louis photography studio conveniently located in south St Louis county. Our photographers provide creative professional commercial photography for the web, advertising and promotions.

st louis photographers studio
st louis photographers studio

Our photographers utilize the latest digital cameras and calibration software to professionally enhance your product or scene images.  We can also retouch, render and silhouette your photographs.  We photograph for websites, catalogs and brochures.

A great many of our projects involve photographing objects on black or white backgrounds. However, some projects are more complex and require specialized backgrounds, custom sets, props, and product styling.

As professional product photographers, we know that an important part of creating a successful photograph of your product involves capturing the actual image. It’s also just as important to convey subtle textures and maintain color fidelity. Our photographers pay close attention to lighting, color management, and other technical considerations to provide you with superior product photography.

st louis product photographers
st louis product photographers

We provide:

Advertising and Commercial Photography

People Photography

Catalog Photography

Product Photography

Architectural Photography

Location Photography

Studio Photography

Aerial Photography

Industrial Photography

made up of a team of skilled product photographers and graphic designers that combine art with technology to develop images and videos that are specific to your business’ needs. Whether you need shot of people, products or services, we can help you create just the perfect images for better branding.

Our in-house south county St. Louis area studio can be configured to accommodate any type of product, props or set design. Plus, if needed, we can also take our show on the road to produce top quality photography on location.

Our business goal to far exceed your expectations! Our studio strives to bring your business superior service and timely delivery of personalized, custom images.

Product photographer in St. Louis

Our professional photographers have deep backgrounds and experience covering Award Ceremonies and Galas, Conferences and Meetings, Fundraisers and Charity Events, Marketing and PR Events, Cocktail receptions, College and University Events, Luncheons, Formal Dinners, Holiday Parties, Company Retreats and Employee Appreciation Events.

Mike Haller
St Louis Photographer

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