Our Studio

About Our St Louis Photography Studio

Our studio is a photo, film and video production facility located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Photography and Video Production Studio
Photography and Video Production Studio

We provide photo shoots, film shoots, and events for many types of customers, advertising firms, producers and celebrities.

To assist other creative artists to make their visions become a reality.

We stay up late.  We get up early.

…and we love every minute of it.

Talent on the photography set
Talent on the photography set

Our photography studio is fully stocked with lighting and grip equipment on site. We have enough equipment on-site for most photography shoots. We offer competitive a la carte rates, and unbeatable package rates.


• CYC wall

• Green Screen

• High vaulted ceiling

• Wireless hi-speed internet access

• Easy loading access

• Air conditioned in all areas

• Client area

• Kitchenette w/ coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator

• Makeup and hair station

• Wardrobe area / changing room w/ garment rack, steamer

• Bathroom / Shower

Around St. Louis, many businesses, organizations and universities require a storytelling photographer. I can either shoot on location or in my studio. Using local knowledge, experience, and technical flexibility, I create images that tell a story in any situation.

I’ve been able to work with science-based companies worldwide to document their stories. I photograph products, organizations, and corporations. I prefer to photograph in the labs and offices of these businesses, but I enjoy meeting the people who benefit from research the most. Years of working with people outside the studio have taught me the importance of delicacy and language skills.

When industrial photography clients in St. Louis call, the first thing we do is define their goals. I enjoy interpreting their manufacturing processes into clean and professional photography. Usually, I work with them to make a library of photos for future advertisements and social media posts.

St. Louis is home to many organizations that require commercial photographers. I can shoot on location or in my studio. I utilize local knowledge, experience, and technical flexibility to produce creative, narrative imagery in any setting.

2 actors in a scene on a video set
St Louis Photographers for Abolition News Network images

Abolition News Network called upon St. Louis Photography Studio to shoot their creative marketing photography in our St. Louis studio located in south county of St. Louis. ANN features photos and images on DVD to portray historical events in the history of the United States.

Mike Haller
4501 Mattis Road
St. Louis, MO 63128

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